Labour are in chaos on the economy.

1. They have no plan to clear the deficit

‘Gun licence changes’ – that’s what Labour Minister Chris Leslie said when asked how a Labour government would clear the deficit(Daily Politics, 13 Jan 2015).

But, according to Labour’s own sums,this would eliminate just 0.019% of the current deficit – and it’s money that Labour have already committed to spending.

It shows that Labour have no credible plan to clear the deficit and would hit future generations with more debt.

2. Their energy price freeze has unravelled

The cheapest energy tariff is now £100 cheaper than a year ago –meaning that if Labour had frozen prices, customers would be £100 a year worse off.

Labour’s high price freeze shows that Ed Miliband cannot competently manage the economy. Under Labour, bills would have been frozen and hardworking families would not feel the benefit of lower energy prices.Labour must abandon this economically illiterate policy now.

3. They admit they’ll tax you MORE

When Ed Miliband was asked if a Labour government would raise taxes, he said:

‘Indeed. Indeed’ (The Andrew Marr Show, 11 Jan 2015).

And Labour Minister Shabana Mahmood has since confirmed Labour’s plan to introduce ‘some tax rises’ (Channel 4 News, 13 Jan 2015).

It’s clearer than ever: if Labour win the next election, they will hit hardworking families with higher taxes.

Unlike Labour, we have a long-term economic plan to build a stronger economy and secure a better future for Britain.

While we have a credible long-term plan to build a stronger economy and secure a better future for Britain, Labour are in economic chaos. Share this post to let everyone know.

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