New machine donated as part of Treat Me Local campaign


Varicose veins testing machine 

Patients with leg ulcers and poor circulation can be treated more quickly easily thanks to a new machine bought as a result of cash donated by local people as part of the Treat Me Local campaign.

I was treated to a demonstration of the machine at Doddington Court recently and was impressed with how simple it is to use.

The machine was bought by money donated to Doddington Medical Surgery following the launch last summer of the Treat Me Local campaign which called for better health services locally.

Among the campaign’s 10-point wish-list was closer to patient blood testing to help cut unnecessary trips to hospital. Shortly after the campaign’s launch, patients at Doddington donated cash to initially buy a Cobas machine, which tests to see if a patient has a potentially life-threatening blood clot.

Money continued to be given and as a result the practice had enough money to buy the Dopplex ABIlity machine, which has been located at Doddington Court so it can be accessed by patients from neighbouring Manea and Chatteris.

Dr Simon Hambling, of Doddington Medical Centre, explained the new machine can help diagnose whether a patient has blocked arteries in the legs. If left untreated this can lead to a patients losing a limb.

A simple check by the machine can see whether or not a patient needs treatment to unblock their arteries and improve circulation.

Poor circulation is one of the causes of leg ulcers. Leg ulcers are tricky to treat and can take months to heal.

Application of compression stockings or bandages is the best way of dealing with leg ulcers, but if they applied incorrectly they can cause serious problems.

The machine tests to see if it is safe to apply these bandages, which help improve the blood circulation.

It was very interesting to see how the machine works and how relatively simple it is to use. It is great that Doddington Medical Centre have located it in a place where patients from neighbouring surgeries in Manea and Chatteris can also benefit from it. The donations made by patients shows the strength of feeling there is within the community to have better health provision within our area.

Picture caption: Steve Barclay MP visiting Doddington Court to have a look at new Dopplex ABIlity machine. From left: Nikki Hobbs, Katie Fell, Steve Barclay MP, Chris Poole and Christine Coleman.

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