We’ll scrap the Human Rights Act and replace it with a British Bill of Rights and Responsibilities.

This country has stood up for human rights time and time again. But Labour’s Human Rights Act has led to judgements that are wrong and against the British sense of justice and fair play.

So the next Conservative government will scrap the Act and replace it with a new British Bill of Rights and Responsibilities that will:

  • Stop the European Court of Human Rights forcing Britain to change our laws
  • Make Britain the ultimate arbiter of human rights in this country – ensuring our Supreme Court is supreme
  • Stop terrorists and other foreign criminals abusing human rights to avoid their deportation
  • Balance rights with responsibilities

Read our our proposals in full here(PDF document)

Britain shouldn’t be told what to do by judges in Strasbourg. The British Bill of Rights and Responsibilities would be passed by our Parliament and rooted in our values – putting Britain first and restoring common sense to human rights in our country.

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