Results are in from the Police Forum!


Monday 12th January the Wisbech Community Forum event was held in Wisbech town centre where members of the community are encouraged to help influence key concerns they wish the police or local authority to focus on.  Wisbech town council were provided with a summary of the results on the same evening.

At the last meeting held in July 2014 the community of Wisbech wanted their local policing team to concentrate on the issue of street drinking in the town centre areas.  Working closely with the Local Authority and other partner agencies we have seen some very positive results. The Medworth ward which covers the majority of the town centre has seen a 13% reduction in anti-social behaviour and a 17% reduction in alcohol related incidents, with total crime down by 16%. These figures are for April to December 2014 and compared to the same period 2013.

To supplement the information obtained on the 12th January over  the past few weeks PCSOs have been out and about talking to local residents and asking them a number of questions relating to the area in which they live, visit or work and asking them what the one key concern is they would like to be tackled. Over 100 residents responded and from this the main concern was found to be Antisocial Behaviour in the town centre. Other concerns raised included Littering, Dog fouling and Parking.  We will be working with partner agencies to resolve these issues raised and will report our progress with regular updates.  Fenland District Council will be the lead agency tackling Dog Fouling and littering whilst your local police team will deal with the Antisocial Behaviour and Parking issues.

Through Facebook, other social media methods and our Constabulary website we will provide you with regular updates about how we are tackling the issues raised

Of the 121 residents surveyed 38% perceived that crime and ASB in Wisbech is low, this is a statistic that the police and partner agencies will be looking to improve over the next 6 months.

Samantha Hoy
District Councillor at Fenland District Council
Sam Hoy is a District Councillor for Wisbech HILL Ward with a wealth of experience serving the public. She is an ex-Mayor of Wisbech and also a Town Councillor.