The Mysterious Meeting


I promised myself I wasn’t going to write about Cllr. Dave Patrick again, but I just can’t resist.  Here he is “fuming” about how nobody turned up for his “meeting” about new play equipment.

Organiser Councillor Dave Patrick says, having spoken to Fenland District Council, he is still confident the park on Jasmine Close will get new equipment. But Cllr Patrick, who alongside FDC’s horticultural officer Kevin Wilkins also leafleted homes around the park area, is “disappointed” that the people of Walsoken didn’t come out to support the cause.

I like the term “organiser” used here.  What was organised, though?  An empty meeting?  Awesome.  He states that he leafleted all around the area in order to let people know that this meeting was on.  Yet immediately after the post in question  Helen Haestier says she did not receive a leaflet.  Meanwhile, over on the Wisbech Discussion Forum on Facebook, while Dave Patrick “fumes”, local people don’t sound immensely happy with him either:

Neil Huggins Didn’t know anything about it lol

Julie-Anne Wood I had no idea it was on until I read it on here last night.

Mike Carrington Maybe the event should’ve been at the weekend? (School children at school the report says). Or doesn’t the Councillor and Council Official work weekends? Perhaps the local residents were working on a week day? Just a thought.

Melissa Bullen Could have sent a leaflet home with school children to inform them….so many things in this town are so badly advertised…even if it’s in the papers, what you have to remember is….they are so picky as to where they deliver now as well

Kate Thorpe We haven’t had a leaflet at Krazy Dayz about this and we are just across the road we would have taken our children over from preschool as they would love to share their ideas. We have used the park for picnics but not much else to do there.

Rebecca McCourt I live jeffery avenue im.sure i never got a leaflet

Jo Newby I was about to ask if they went to the local schools and left leaflets to go in their book bags

Jo Newby Simple Lack of advertising then by the looks if it

Rachael Richardson Seem to be a lack of organisations as noone was even aware of event such a shame

Angela Wymer It says Councillor Patrick leafleted homes around the park. But one person in the area says they didn’t get a leaflet. So I can only surmise that Councillor Patrick didn’t leaflet enough houses but still wants a pat on the back for the few he did do.

Kim Taylor I’ve just been looking back over things and it doesn’t look like DP has done anything for Walsoken, maybe this is just pre-election stuff. Maybe he shouldn’t be blaming the people who he wants to vote for him!

Jamie Edwards My ex also didn’t receieve a leaflet I suppose he leafleted his own house.

Josh Garner Same old problem in this town, nothing is organised properly and nothing is advertised properly!

Rebecca McCourt My sister in law Michelle Bella Lloyd lives jeffery avenue too she didnt know about it either we would love to hear about whats happening for the kids

Dave continues to explain his “many years” of “badgering” for this:

He said: “Talking to Bob Ollier (FDC parks and open spaces manager), I’m sure there will be some play equipment for Walsoken but I’m so disappointed that with all the work that’s been put in – I’ve been badgering FDC for years about this – nobody could be bothered to turn up.

Nobody seems to have ever heard him “badger” for it before Rob McLaren began to mention it, but no doubt he has been doing so relentlessly “behind the scenes.”  He would have been in the newspaper about it, but he’s always so busy talking about other important stuff in the newspaper so there probably wasn’t time to fit it in.

“I know it was cold and children were at school but that doesn’t stop parents from coming along.”

True.  But never receiving a leaflet and knowing nothing at all about it might have stopped some of them.  Not the psychics, obviously, but surely some of the others?

Dave Patrick says: “At the end of the day, people say they want things but they really need to put in the effort to show they want things.”

Also true.  And some people only say they want things when there’s an election a couple of months away.  Strange.

A FDC spokesman said: “Some people have been asking for new play equipment in the park so the idea was to go along with pictures of different types of equipment and see which types people would like if we can secure external funding.”

So, back the the beginning of this article, when Dave Patrick said he was “still confident the park on Jasmine Close will get new equipment” what was this opinion based on?  Since the FDC Spokesman above is talking vaguely about looking at pictures and then potentially “looking for external funding.”  What is the cause of this sincerely held and clearly stated “confidence?”  It rather looks like presently there is no plan and no money.  I mean, sure, you have to start somewhere.  Fair enough.  I think I’d have started a few years ago myself, though.  What is it, six, seven years he’s been the Councillor for that area?  Clearly, he’s taking his new role as a UKIP Councillor seriously and following the Paul Clapp Method (tm) (patent pending) of getting things done.

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