UKIP: Losing The Young


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Another senior Young Independence member has resigned from UKIP and defected to Conservatives. Joshua Jones becomes the second senior UKIP youth member to do so in a week.

Joshua Jones, the East Midlands Chairman for YI, has announced his defection to the Conservatives because they are the only party based around ‘sound free-market principles’. Jones put on his Twitter account earlier tonight “I have decided to leave UKIP and join the Conservatives, a party with economic policies based on sound free-market principles, not populism.”

Joshua exclusively told Right of Centre “I’ve been fed up for the last six months with UKIP’s lack of well thought out policies. They’ve been deciding policy based on what will win votes, not principle, and pandering to the left. Also, the Conservatives have done well to cut the deficit and still cut stamp duty and income tax, and having more coherent policies generally.”

He further told Right of Centre that he is pleased to have joined CF adding “I’m looking forward to campaigning with other local Conservative Future members to ensure we win marginal seats such as Lincoln.”

When asked about the current feeling in YI Jones told Right of Centre “There’s frustration within YI on UKIP policy drifting to the left.” Furthermore, he said “I wouldn’t be surprised” if there were to be a lot more defectors.

YI have already removed Jones from their website with his former position of East Midlands Chairman listed as ‘TBC’.

National Conservative Future Chairman, Alexandra Paterson, has exclusively told this website “I am delighted that Joshua Jones has joined Conservative Future. He’s told me he’s looking forward to campaigning with other members of CF in the run up to the election. A welcome addition to the team!”

A few days ago another senior Young Independence member Sam Launder left UKIP and joined the Conservatives due to their ‘strong record of success’. Launder worked as a UKIP press officer and for Jonathan Arnott MEP.

Jones defection adds to what has so far been a terrible week for Young Independence and its leader Jack Duffin, who has so far refused to comment on the defections. Right of Centre’s sources have said that the YI brain drain is set to continue with more defections being hinted at from senior officers and members.


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