For the first time since Labour’s recession, unemployment has fallen below 6%.

It’s a new milestone for Britain and means that more people are in work, earning a regular wage and providing for their families.

Official figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) also show:

1. A record number of people in work

There are now 1.75 million more people in work since the election. That’s 1.75 million more people with the security of a job.

2. Wages rising

Regular pay is up 1.8% on the year, an encouraging sign that wages are beginning to rise faster than inflation. That means people have more money in their pockets and are more financially secure.

3. Over three-quarters of new jobs full-time

Full-time jobs accounted for 83% of the rise in employment over the past year – showing that the majority of new jobs are secure and well paid.

4. A record number of women in work

There are now 14.4 million women in work – more than ever before.

5. Fewer people claiming unemployment benefit

The number of people claiming unemployment benefit is down by over 627,000 since the election. That means more people moving off welfare and into work and getting on in life.

Under Labour, unemployment rose by almost half-a-million – leaving more people without a job and families more insecure.

The choice at the election is clear:

On the one hand, Labour’s failed ways of more spending, more borrowing and more taxes that will cost jobs and cause chaos for our economy.

On the other hand, the Conservatives and a long-term economic plan that’s backing businesses, creating jobs and building a stronger economy.

That’s why we need to keep working through the plan and secure a better future for Britain. Share this post and graphic to let friends know.

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