Why Does Paul Bullen Like Fascists?


It’s not a crime to “like” something on Facebook, but who you choose to like does surely say something about you?

Which is why there is some surprise to see that UKIP County Councillor Paul Bullen has the National British Resistance on his list of things he “likes.”

You can’t take too much from a “like” – sometimes it’s just a reciprocal arrangement, other times it could even be an accident.  But given how many instances of ‘Kippers going off the fascist end of the scale keep hitting the news, you’d think a prominent ‘Kipper like Bullen would know better.


The National British Resistance aren’t a big threat.  It’s that weird loner Joshua “Leader” Bonehill’s faked-up organisation that recently got him in hot water with the law. We aren’t talking paramilitary terror here, but still.  Mr. Bullen – unlike for goodness sake.  He’s a looney and his “cause” – if you can call one nutter in his Mum’s bedroom a “cause”-  is a very poor one.  Time for a rethink.

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